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Risks and Playing it Safe

Dear Readers, 

I am back again, lol again from my travels and from my journey explore this amazing world we call home. What I want to share with you this week or month is a lesson I have taught so many people in my travels. The lesson on taking chances and taking risks in life, hard lesson in deed but a lesson none the lesson that is important to learn.

Why I bring this up is because of what I have seen along my travels, I have seen a lot of people feeling comfortable with playing it safe. The world is a very large place sometimes it can be scary to take these chance but what do we gain if we don’t. 

Readers, I live with a daily motto sort a speak, a phrase that I chant every morning when I wake up to every time I feel scared in trying new things. “It is tempting to play it safe, but the more we are willing to risk the more we feel alive cause in the end what we regret the most is the chances we never took” Life is not with out its great fears in short life is scary especially the cosmos, were light and darkness hide the things unknown but that doesn’t stop us from trying to live in the star. 

Life has a shocking way of showing us the great adventures we are capable of having this great adventure but as long as we are able to achieve and want the adventure. I know that a lot of people just want peace and simplicity in their lives and that is alright but there few in this world that seek to take chances, seek something this world and universe has the chance to offer. 

Please feel free to comment on this post reader. I want to know what you think about Life, Risk, Chances, and the sight of adventure in the horizon. 

I want to hear your thoughts

Spring and Summer

Dear Blog Reader,

I am back lol, well back with a lot of picture, knowledge and adventures worth sharing. 

This year has began hard with me losing my grandfather to just trying to make the best of everyday, it has been hard but life is not without it’s challenges. I have been looking forward to Spring and Summer time in New York City for a long time. I escaped to a warmer climate area because I just can’t handle, furthermore my style is one fit for warm climate. 

I will soon be showcasing drinks, food, and fashion on my blog. Also be promoting it cause I really want to share these things with you. An as I continue with my goal to be one hell of a Fashion Consultant and Wardrobe stylist, I just want to share my adventures lol 

Relationships and Love

Good Afternoon Readers;

"Let me tell you about young people today, dammit never look up. They’re always looking at some screen, instead of what’s standing right there in front of them. It’s all about each other, it always has been and always will be. You all say you want a relationship, but a relationship is work, it is a lot of work at it. You make a life together, no one just hands it to you."~Venus (Morgan Fairchild) 

No more truer words spoken that those right there, life is one difficult thing to conquer. It will always has it ups and downs especially when your in a relationship, there you have to also make sure you take care of the other person rather then just yourself. 

Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons about relationships and love, every mistake we make, we can only hope that we learn the wrongs one did and correct them. You see Reader, part of being in a relationship is appreciating one another, making sure that neither of you are neglected or feel less loved.

Do we remember the three main things we tell a person when we meet them for the first time, what are the most three important key ingredients of having a successful relationship.

  1. Honest
  2. Communication
  3. Love

These three main keys, main concepts are important with any relationship but there are other factors that should be part of the relationship. Sometimes these factors are over looked because most of the times our partners or significant other play with our trust, play with our emotions, and keep hidden so many secret from us. They play with our trust, the trust that our heart hold so tight. 

What I am trying to get Readers with this post is simple. Love holds many factors, it also hold one key note that we forget. To never forget that Life may throw major obstacles it will destroy your love, it will try to tear you and your significant other apart. But you must not let it, you must not even forget your partner nor neglect them. Because let me tell you something don’t let life tear you or your partner apart, don’t let nothing interfere with you and your happiness and that is coming from a very, very old soul. 

National Coming Out Day

Good Afternoon, Readers

Today I want to speak you about the day I chose to came out to my parents, family, and friends, an the person that changed my life forever.

I came out when I was 15 years old, I was scared. I was scared cause I came from a hispanic background, my mother and dad were raised with old beliefs that to this day are being change and challenge by me and my way of life. 

I knew since I was 5 years old that I was gay, I knew that I love boys because I would always check this kid in my class out. I like him because we very nerdy but oh so cute haha. It was only till middle school that I began to realize that my attraction to guys was huge and that I was gay. The reason I didn’t come out till I was 15 was because of my parents, they made me believe that being gay was wrong above all my mom always said “I didn’t give birth to girl, but a man” those words would scare me along with that it scared me to be my self. 

It wasn’t till I met my first boyfriend, my first love, and my first everything that changed my perspective of everything. He loved me for me, for everything I am and every I could become. He just saw the greatness that I saw as well in him. When we became a couple I knew that I couldn’t hide him or make him hide who he is, SOOOO I did what I did I came out, told my friends and family. 

Do I regret it “Hell No”, I have been living a life filled with pride, a life with so much adventure. Yeah I’m single but hey I can wait for Mister Right haha.

In short term I am proud of who I am, proud to be gay, and happy that I came out and that I don’t need to hide myself. I have wonderful family of friends who without them in my life I don’t I would have much strength. 

So be scared of losing a family if that is why you cant come out because once you come out, you find your real family the people that love you for you and that only greatness. 


Fall Fashion

Good Afternoon, Readers

I feel like I haven’t had a chance to write a lot blog posts or share my great interest with you. Summer is finally gone in this amazing city, we can see Fall and Winter coming well to correct myself Fall has already arrived. 

The title of this blog post is Fall Fashion or of the Fashion Weeks that are transpiring at the moment all around the major capitals of the fashion industry. We are seeing some amazing new designs, fabric, and even color. Sadly though I can’t say the same for some American designers, what I have seen this season is colors going away black and white becoming the new trend. Reminds much of a television show that I watched with my nephew, where within this show the characters where wearing all black and white which made their world boring and very dull. 

During the first years of fashion school what I loved about it was that, we as young eager fashion people we come into this industry inspired by one of the greats within. Whether be Kelly Cutrone, Anna Wintour, Nina Garcia, Valentino Garavani, or any other of the greats. We are inspired by their work and by the legacy they leave behind for those to follow. You see when one starts fashion school we enter a world of people different from our own, different in many ways style, imagination, ideals, etc… but what made that first year of fashion school so important was that one had to start to look at fashion as whole, it was part of something greater. We had to make our style evolve, our designs esthetics become greater, and be daring enough to push the buttons of the fashion industry. 

Fashion week this year in New York showed me one thing though I am not a huge Fashion Leader like the greats of the past and present, but I can see that American designers have gotten boring, they are getting too predictable. I used look forward to seen what new amazing talents would arise from America, especially from New York City but now days I do not expect much.

Which says a lot about what do we really expect, what the American fashion industry expects of it’s up and coming designers. 

As a Fashion Stylist I hope and want American designers to inspire my creativity and inspire my joy of clothes. 


Joe Adan 


In which Mary Burson and Carole Kaiser, a lesbian couple who have been together for 40 years, apply for a marriage license in North Carolina knowing they’ll be denied. They’re each 79 years old, and their demonstration was part of the WE DO Campaign, a movement encouraging same-sex couples in the South to demand legal marriage equality. See also: I wish these were my grandmothers. (via SheWired)

My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.~George Washington

Short Love Story Vs. Happily Ever After

Good Morning Reader, 

I am back, I am horrible in keeping this blog posted with new and interesting things that I have experience and for that please forgive me.

Reader, I want to ask you something, Have you ever been in love? Have you felt that this certain person was the one? Were the questions of world and the rules of the universe cease to exist? How about a time where you had to part from this certain person cause of fate or destiny?

Well Reader, I can tell you right now that love is one of the most hardest things to answer. It has a dark side and it has a light side, both have the power to bring light to your world or bring uncertainty to your universe. With in our life span we have to realize that we will fall in love more than once but those events are call a “Short Love Story” A part in your life where the love that both you and this person shared was only meant to be share for a short time and never really meant to last. While the really thing that we are truly looking for well that the “Happily Ever After Story” that we want well we have to wait for it, like it has been waiting for us to come along. 

You see Reader, the reason I am speaking about this is because I have a close personal friend who I have helped understand the difference between a “Short Love Story” and a “Happily Ever After” through my own experience I have taught him on how I, myself go through Short Love Stories but it makes me know that I am getting closer and closer to find the one meant to be with me. 

Well Reader,  I think I have said enough. Though at the same time still need more info on what it is the difference between the two. Ha Ha well I will make sure that my next post will be one where you will be more then informed. 


Master Ox

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